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Between these reviews, while a policy is in place, the employer controls costs by judiciously enforcing it. Some companies can do this with ease, while some may face employee morale or internal political issues. For this reason, outsourced service providers enjoy a natural advantage for enforcing policies. When confronted with unreasonable requests from a transferee (who may be a very senior or well-connected executive), the outsourced provider can play the dispassionate gatekeeper and ensure that policies are consistently applied and that the programme is equitable for all employees. Company The second smallest relocation cost driver is the process of carrying out the relocation programme, whether it is internal payroll and administrative costs or fees paid to a relocation management service provider. Depending on the size and organisation of a company, different departments, such as finance or human resources, may administer the relocation programme. Some may lack any formal programmes while others have highly structured processes. Moreover, different operating units (who do not always communicate with each other properly) may administer different aspects of the programme.

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Human resources is a term used to refer to how people are managed by organizations. The field has moved from a traditionally administrative function to a strategic one that recognizes the link between talented and engaged people and organizational success. The field draws upon concepts developed in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and System Theory.

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